Abbie Fisher

February 20-2005 – August 28, 2015

Our Black Lab, Abbie is an example of a true rescue dog as she and 4 other siblings were found in a box on the side of the road in Franklin County. We had been looking for a companion to our current Black Lab and she was the perfect pick. Once she came into our house, it was obvious she had found her “forever home.”

Abbie loved her dog bed and lived for snacks. She vacationed with us at Pigeon Forge and loved going there. Throughout her 10 years, she was the best pet we had ever owned and was loved by the whole family.

In February 2012, she developed diabetes and glaucoma with cataracts and blindness. She had surgery and her eyesight was restored for a short time and then she lost her sight forever. Abbie had to take insulin twice daily for the diabetes for the remainder of her life.

Her blindness never slowed her down and she was able to navigate in the house as well as in the yard alone. She would go out one door and find her way to another door to be let in. She was always happy and her tail was always wagging.

Her health declined in the last months of her life and her body was tired and worn out.

We loved her deeply and will miss her greatly.

The Fishers — Dennis, Paulette, Chad, Cory, Ashley, and Mousse