Amelia “Millie” Katherine Quesenberry

“August 21st,” 2015 – April 20th, 2023

To our dear, sweet, beautiful lil’ tiger cat, Millers…

You were our world, our whole heart, our everything. There has never been and there never will be another kitty as special as you. Thank you for choosing us to find you, take you in, and give you a home and a family. We hope we gave you the best life that you truly deserved. You were the best cuddler and sweetest snugglebug to ever walk the Earth. A truly rare and wonderful Milcat. Thank you for being a loving sister to Lola bunny and really truly being best friends. Lobun misses you too and wishes you could have come home to stay with us forever, our little Amelia Bedilia. We wish you didn’t have to go. Every minute hurts without you. You were so present in every part of the house it feels so empty and quiet without our little “Jon Cryer.” We hope you’re getting all the treats, all the love, and as much time on the roof as you want while you wait for us…

It was too soon but anytime would’ve been too soon. Our hearts are completely shattered.
Thank you for the seven beautiful years you gave us.

Love, Mommy, Daddy and Lola Josephine

Our young and perfectly healthy girl was fine — and then she wasn’t. Give them the extra treats, don’t be the first to get up from cuddles, spend every moment you can with them — you never know when it might be the last. We thought we had another 10 years.

You just don’t know. We are not okay but maybe one day we will be.
We love you forever, sweet Millers.
Rest well.