Bandit Strong

Bandit Strong, 13, little old man Shih Tzu of Lisa and Bobby Strong, crossed the rainbow bridge on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

Bandit was born February 11, 2004. When he was 8 wks old, he became Lauren Strong’s 14Th birthday present.

Several years ago Lauren got her own apartment and puppies could not live there.

Bandit came to our house and immediately bonded with Lisa and myself, and with Lacey, who was a rambunctious aussie pup.

Bandit had a very unique personality. He wouldn’t catch or retrieve balls, but if he got a hold of the ball in play, he would take it and hide, effectively stopping the play until he was ready to return it.

He enjoyed eating and sleeping. And was very healthy for his age up until the end.

He was preceded in death by his little aussie sister, Lacey. Surviving are his adoptive parents, and his first Mom, Lauren, Lauren’s boyfriend, Grant, (who called him an Ewok). And of course the grandparents and friends of his human family.

Thanks to Dirk DeRolf and his team, for valiantly trying to save him, and to Michelle and her team at Oakey’s.