Bear Trudeau

Bear passed over the rainbow bridge on April 9, 2019. Bear became a member of our family in 2000. I adopted him from Angels of Assisi. Bear had a rough start in life — he was in two shelters and abandoned from houses. Being a cat person I learned and read lots of book on behavior. I took Bear in. He was definitely a challenge and he loved to cuss. But I worked with him and gave him a stable home. Bear was unique, more dog-like, he loved to ride in the car and our motorcycle, he turned a few heads on the motorcycle. Bear was affectionate in his own way and on his terms. Bear also had Feline Immune Virus and lived indoors the last 4 years and shared his home with his companions, Jynx, Kallie and Sassy (his buddy). Bear was king of the felines but was selfless when it came to the other cats. Bear groomed all of them and let them eat first before he would eat.

His parents Tim and Tina Trudeau and the other cats will miss him. RIP Bear we love you!