Bella Rose

In September of 2016 a miracle came into our lives. A small grey cat showed up to our house with a black kitten beside her. After much deliberation and some arguments, we decided to take care of these “feral cats.” After a few weeks we named them Bella Rose and Spook. Bella Rose had had a very hard life before she came to us. Her face was slightly caved in, she had scars from fights, her eyes were runny, tongue slightly stuck out, and her fur was dirty. That didn’t stop us in giving her the best life we could. Bella Rose was a unique and beautiful cat. Unlike Spook, Bella would not let us give her love. When we would try and pet her, she would hiss and swat. She only wanted her food, water, and a place to sleep. She eventually came around and would let us pet her on her head, and when she really wanted love she would lay on her side, and purr in her unique way saying “please love me.” On Friday July 7th we noticed Bella Rose was having trouble walking. We waited a few days to see if she got better then we took her to the Vet. On July 11 Bella was seen for what we believed was an ear infection and she was treated. We decided to keep Bella inside after we got her home. For the first time, Bella Rose let us love her how every cat should be loved. She crawled into our laps and let us rub her, she slept in bed with us and cuddled with us. We didn’t think we could show something as much love as we showed Bella Rose. On Thursday July 13, we took Bella Rose to Greenbrier Veterinary Hospital to have them look at her again, since she did not get any better. Later that evening we learned the worst possible news. Bella Rose had a tumor that could not be fixed and it was the reason for her not being able to walk and eat right. That evening we decided to ease Bella Rose of her suffering and finally give her the peace she deserved.

Thank You Greenbrier Veterinary Hospital for all the care you gave our sweet Bella and thank you Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home for helping us get through the loss of our sweet Bella Rose.

Bella Rose, we are going to miss sitting on the porch with you every day, rubbing your little head, laughing as you stick your tongue out at us, and just being with us. We will always take care of baby Spook and every day we wish you were still here. We know that you could never understand the love we gave you, but thank you for trusting us with your care.

We will always love you Bella Rose,

Seth, Karen, and Pat