Blanco Hall


After bravely battling with advanced kidney disease, Blanco passed away at an emergency veterinary hospital on the morning of September 9th, 2019. Blanco was born on a farm in Minnesota and was going to be put down due to his poor eyesight. His new mother rescued him, making him part of her own family, away from farm-life. Blanco went on to become a doctor-approved emotional support pet and was very good at his job. He was always there for his mother. Blanco was a handsome and well-mannered cat who loved his family dearly and wanted to be everyone’s best friend. He is survived by his mother and father, Mayme and Wiley Hall; his little fur-sister Lolo; and his human big brother and sister, Shilo and Kayla. Blanco was cremated at Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home & Crematory and placed in a very fine urn. He now rests in a place of honor upon our living room coffee table where he liked to sit. He is loved very much and will be missed dearly

“My heart weeps, in sorrow, for the times we won’t have… Yet weeps, with joy, for the times we have shared.”

— Mayme Hall