Brutus Maximus Welch


Brutus Maximus Welch

April 28, 2008 – September 4, 2023

Brutus was adopted from Angels of Assisi in July 2008, along with his “sister” Cookie. When he was a kitten, he got his first cardboard box and after that, he never met one he didn’t have to have. He was a laid-back cat and didn’t meow very much, unless he was popping out from behind a door to scare us. He loved to go outside onto his screened in cat porch and watch over his property. He loved to snuggle in bed and watch tv with his mama. He would always head butt her so she would move over. He had a few favorite toys, his Christmas mouse, his ducky and any stuffed Christmas ornament that he could get off the tree when his Mama wasn’t looking.

He loved helping to put out Christmas decorations around the house because most were kept in a box of some sort, and he was in charge of all boxes in our house. Putting out the decorations this year without him for the first time in 15 years will be hard.

Even though he was an indoor cat, he did get to catch and kill a mouse that had made the mistake of entering his house. He lovingly brought it upstairs to his mama and spit it out at her feet. He was super proud of this moment even if Cookie had slept through the whole thing and never really believed it happened.

He was named by his Daddy after THE Ohio State Buckeyes mascot. He enjoyed watching the games, or at least looking in the direction of the TV when one was on.
He had many nicknames that include Ootis, given to him by his human cousin when he was too little to pronounce Brutus correctly. He was also known as Da Woo, Rumpus, Rump roast and Rumpy.

Brutus was an absolutely wonderful cat, companion and family member. He will be and is missed tremendously by his parents, Chris and Sue Ellen Welch. As well as his feline “sister” Cookie, who still looks for him everywhere. And truthfully, so do we.