Captain Purrcard

Captain Purrcard was no ordinary cat. He was the stockiest toothless kitty we could have hoped to adopt. A month after we lost Precious to cancer, I was ready to adopt a kitty and on Mother’s day, Captain Purrcard was the lucky one. His name soon changed to Po or Mr. Fantastic due to his fascination with our other little adult cat Tater (Po+Tater = potater). Together the two shared one single brain cell and would spend hours zooming the house, mountain goating off of everything and sleeping next to each other. Po came into our house with the attitude that he was the biggest cat (he was 10lbs but very tiny in size), and loved everyone. He would sleep in the weirdest positions with his tongue hanging out and enjoyed food, lots and lots of food and toys, he just loved to play. About a week after getting him we recognized he had an upper respiratory infection which the organization we got him from said was chronic. We got him the proper care and medication from our amazing vet office. Our sweet little Po started to decline rapidly after finishing 2 weeks of antibiotics and it was a 3rd trip to the vets that confirmed my worst fear. Our Po unfortunately had a deformed esophagus an enlarged heart and a mass next to his heart. We got 4 weeks and 3 days with Po before we made the decision to help him cross the rainbow bridge. I wished it could have been more time or at least been told the truth about his health so we could have gotten him to VT to try to remove the mass to allow him more time. He was a unique and beautiful cat with the sweetest personality. I miss feeling the large thump of him flopping on me at any random moment followed by loud snores. Po my little derpy kitty, we love and miss you.