Chloe Dunning

RIP Chloe Dunning 4/13/19
Alpha dog supreme in a small package.
You were the smartest dog I ever had. When your sisters would drop a Nylabone just inside the door, preventing me from opening it, I would call you and you came to get it so I could open the door and come in. You loved company and thought everyone who came over was there to see you. You didn’t let epilepsy or rheumatoid arthritis (which you were diagnosed with at age 3) get you down. You developed an autoimmune disease at 8 that ate your own red blood cells and platelets. You fought the disease for 3 weeks, but it won.

I am so glad we did your DNA test. You were 50% rat terrier, which was a total surprise. Though you looked like a “Chiweenie,” you had no chihuahua or Dachshund ancestors.

You will hold my heart forever.