Chopper Jones

In Loving Memory of Chopper
Age: 13 years
[Date of Passing]: October 6, 2023

“Forever in Our Hearts, Chopper”

Chopper, our loyal four-legged friend, passed away on October 6, 2023, at the age of 13. With over a decade of shared adventures and unwavering companionship, he brought immeasurable joy to our lives.

Chopper’s zest for life and his playful nature brought laughter and joy into our home. He was not just a pet; he was a beloved family member.

“Life is better with a dog” — Chopper proved this every day. We will forever cherish his memory and the love he brought into our lives.

Chopper’s urn will be kept close by his owner, John Cundiff, as a loving tribute to their cherished bond.