Church Singleton

Church Singleton December 15, 2023


On May 23rd, 2018, the Franklin County VA Animal Shelter Transferred 13 cats to the Franklin County Humane Society.  Described as:


9yr old NM Blue Russian Polydactle!  (Polydactle is described by having a 5th toe. “Thumb”)

This guy is a sweet boy but just a bit shy.  He would like an indoor home with someone with lots of love to give.


He was shared around Facebook and friends shared to me knowing I loved Polydactyl kitties. He was also described as a Blue Russian, a cat I always wanted since reading Pet Sematary as a young girl. He was purrfect for me!


On May 26th, I took my youngest daughter to meet him to see if he would be a good fit for us. She wore her cat ears and he allowed her to pet him. The phone rang and the lady said he was being adopted right now. I could tell the person on the phone was upset their call wasn’t answered in a timely manner. That person turned out to be my uncle’s wife. Also, as I was signing for him, a lady walked in and asked who I was getting. I told her the poly, blue and she smiled but, I could tell her heart sank. Her son gave me Greenies and said, “here, he really likes these.”

He never stopped loving those Greenies, even on his last day. He loved chicken. His eyes got big as saucers for lunch meat. I once left a steak on the back of the stove for my husband. Church never got on counters but, we found that steak and Church on a rug by the front door. He sure enjoyed it.


Church followed me everywhere and always wanted to be right against me, not on me. See, he was a very respectful cat. He gave respect and he demanded respect. As much as he loved me, I always wanted to kiss his big, heart shaped, velvety nose. Church did not appreciate me looking into his eyes as he would promptly use those polydactyl mittens like boxing gloves. I was shocked and he was mad at me for a while. I appeared as a predator to him. We eventually came to an agreement that IF I could steal a nose kiss, he would get his beloved Greenies. When I read at night, he would lay right by my pillow. When I closed my book, put my glasses away, and switched off my book light, he would walk to the bottom of the bed, wait for me to put everything on the nightstand, come back up, and assume his position, right by my head and pillow. I would scoop my arm around him and place my hand between his front legs. He would bury his face in my hand and we would drift off to sleep. A younger cat we have plays fetch and suddenly Church began to hunt, cry, and bring me a “taco cat”. It’s a small catnip taco with a cat face. I thought he was attempting fetch too but, no. He didn’t want to fetch it. He was bringing me a gift for a “good boy” response and lots of loving pets.


I don’t know what life he lived before us but, I do feel he was dearly loved by one soul that likely fed him nothing but lunch meat and never tried to kiss his nose.


I knew adopting an older man meant our time together would be short but, we sure packed it full of hissing at our other cats, establishing his boundaries, lots of cuddles, long naps, peaceful nights, and in the end, lots of nose kisses.


We would like to thank Dr. Hodges, Dr. Simon, all staff of Harris Animal Hospital, Marjene Schrader, and her staff at Oakey’s for keeping him comfortable and going above and beyond during this process. They all are angels doing what was best not only for Church but, for his loving family as well.