(September 5, 2003 – January 27, 2017)


Dahbi Paxton Tucker (AKA “Dahbi Dawg,” “Dahbi Doodle,” “Dahbi Girl,” “Sweet Girl”), 13.5 years old, died January 27, 2017, peacefully in her own bed, surrounded by the humans that loved her most, with a belly full of filet mignon.

Dahbi is survived by her Beagle brother Peep, her little human they call Tanner, and her mom and dad humans.

Dahbi was born into a stray pack on September 5 (ish), 2003, and came into our family a scrawny little pup that Halloween. She loved tennis balls (most of all pulling the fuzz off), Willis Shawver, trips to Grandma Tucker’s, popcorn, kayaking, running like an idiot in fresh snow, chewing sticks, eating mulch, snuggling on the electric blanket, stealing people’s seats, Willis Shawver, and doing “wild hair.” And also Willis Shawver. In addition, she loved to negotiate with her brother Peep for the smallest bone (we don’t know why), and then chase him off to steal the biggest one with the scariest bark known to dogkind. She knew how to appreciate and nap in a good ray of sunshine, and always snuggled with her mom on the back stoop during rainstorms.

She delighted in afternoons spent throwing rocks at the creek, rolling in dirt (especially after a bath), hiking, and playing “Blaster” with her dad. For reasons unknown, she was oddly entertained by the phrase “Denver Airport”– cocking her head to the side sharply when spoken. She was fiercely protective of the little human they call Tanner and voiced her objections loudly when the humans played chase together (convinced the big humans were trying to harm the little human).

She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the PetSmart School of Obedience and then promptly attempted to bite a fellow graduate. While she loved her close human friends, she did not care for new humans or other canines (outside of her brother Peep). Dahbi’s favorite tricks included barking, whispering, shaking off on command, and she knew the difference between her right and left. Highly intelligent, she once faked peeing in the yard just to come in from the rain.

During her life she was an outspoken activist on the dangers of The Nefarious Postman, rogue squirrels, and neighborhood dogs. Her protests to outlaw fireworks, thunderstorms, windy days, big white dogs, tall people, and people with hats fell on deaf ears, but she never stopped fighting the cause right up to the end.

Some of her ashes will be spread lovingly in her favorite dog spots, the others will rest in her home surrounded by the people whose lives she made better.

Per Dahbi’s final request (and ours), please consider adopting or rescuing your next 4-legged baby. Pedigrees don’t matter – this family will be forever grateful a scrappy little stray came into our lives.