Donner Dawg Gibson

The day I, David “Jawz” Gibson, met ole Donner Dawg was such a wonderful, fun-filled day. I volunteered at Angels of Assisi some 6 years ago to transport ole Donner Dawg, who was 11 yrs old at the time, to Petsmart so he could be adopted. However, it was indeed a bromance at first sight so I decided to adopt him for myself.

It took some time for good ole Donner Dawg to adjust to a new life with me but we became the best of pals and we were inseparable. For over 6 years, we spent a truly amazing life together.

Once he was diagnosed with heart disease, I knew our time together might be cut short, but ole Donner Dawg was indeed a trooper and he kept on going cause he was truly happy, most of the time. He enjoyed long walks with my beloved friend Rhea who, when Donner Dawn injured his leg and tail, took great care of him with such loving tenderness.

Donner Dawg lived a remarkably long life and he was truly the best thing that had ever happened to me. We were indeed best of pals throughout his short tenure but it felt like a lifetime of pure joy. I will miss my dear sweet friend immensely and I hope we shall see one another again up in Heaven above.