Dusty Lovern

July 13th 2018

Our sweet Dusty passed away on July 13th. He lived a full and happy, sometimes spoiled life, of 14 years and was loved immensely by his family and anyone he met. He got to be a traveling dog,Dusty Raider Puppy living most of his years here in Virginia and then in Canada the last few years. He was great with kids and loved his sweet owner with disabilities and would take whatever she could throw at him with a calmness and understanding that made him an even better part of the family. Dusty has been through all the ups and downs of life with his family and shared in many great memories and life moments during his 14 years with his family. He will be meeting his buddy Missy the cat once again and many more family pets across the rainbow bridge. He will be missed by his family, family friends and his fur brother Raider whom will miss him very much. Also fur friend Buddy the dog, Snoopy the cat, and Sterling the cat.

Love You Always Dusty