George Waterman

Rescued 2006 – Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 6/19/2019

Erin brought you home when you were still a little boy to be part of our pride. You loved playing with the toys and soon picked your spot on the very top of the cat tree. You fit right in with your feline brothers and sisters, even when they didn’t always make it easy. You never showed your brute side with us but was proud to show a field mouse who was boss. You would even bring your kill home to brag a little bit and show it off. A lover, a big brother, the occasional scrapper, and always a caregiver. You stopped by to check on several of our elderly neighbors to make sure they were feeling OK, or maybe it was the treats you were after. You will be missed in our little house. I’ll miss rubbing you, brushing your coat, and those little “kitty nips” when I hit the right spot. Now its time for you to finish your journey across the Rainbow Bridge to join the other fur babies and your human Daddy. We will miss you George, but you will be forever in our hearts.

Love you always, Mom, Erin, and Whitney