Grant Montgomery Gupton

December 21, 2005 – December 15, 2020

Grant came into our lives as a 10th birthday present from our oldest daughter, to our youngest daughter. Best big sister ever! Our youngest daughter was a huge lover of animals and was begging for a Westie. Our oldest daughter wasn’t a big fan of animals at that time but she knew how badly her little sister wanted a Westie and convinced us a puppy would be the best first “double digits” gift! Grant was born at Arrowhead Acres in Spring Hope, NC. We visited Arrowhead Acres to pick a puppy; every puppy ignored us except Grant. He followed our younger daughter around and she immediately knew he was the one. Grant wasn’t old enough to leave with us but we picked him up weeks later and he joined our family of four and our eight-year-old chocolate lab, Herschel.

Grant was “wooly” in his first few years but ultimately grew into a wonderful puppy. He was my daughter’s constant companion and she adored him, even when he chewed up her glasses! She “explained-away” how he had not meant to destroy her glasses. Our daughter bought a lime green polo-type shirt that she put on Grant during the day. He didn’t mind her shenanigans at all and he loved her as much as she loved him.

Days turned into months; months turned into years. We moved from NC to VA and Grant continued to be our daughter’s constant companion. He was with us for birthdays and holidays, trips to NC, the accomplishments and the heartaches, the proms, high school and college graduations, our oldest daughter’s wedding, and our youngest daughter’s engagement. He wore his NCSU bowtie to celebrate our daughter’s college graduation and also for Wolfpack wins, and wore his black argyle sweater to stay warm in the winter, and his red LL Bean jacket to go outside in the cold. He was a handsome boy!

Grant became my sidekick and my shadow when our daughter left for college. She couldn’t take him to college of course so he stayed with us and became my best friend. Sadly, in December of 2019, we learned Grant had congestive heart failure. We gave him the medications and took him for follow-up visits and he did okay until this week. In my daughter’s post about Grant’s passing, she said, “Grant Montgomery, when I picked you out, I never knew how many laughs and endless cuddles you would bring me over the next 15 years. You lived up to your name being the most peculiar little old man, staying faithfully by my side. And then taking care of Momma when I went off to college. With every new diagnosis and health challenge Momma faced, you learned her condition and never failed to alert her when something was off. You gave us your entire heart until your heart had no more to give. You will be greatly missed little buddy, but I know Herschel was waiting for you on the other side of the rainbow bridge. I love you GG.”

Grant was a faithful and loving member of our family, he was our friend, and he was the source of a lifetime of loving memories. We are forever grateful to have had so many years with our sweet boy and find comfort knowing he is enjoying a beautiful eternity in heaven. RIP Grant… we will always love you…