Josie Brewer

When our little angel, Josie Beatrice Brewer, came into our lives in June of 2002, she was a two-pound scruffy looking little kitten. We could not have loved this girl any more than we did.
A talkative baby, she would play so hard, you could see her little heart beat through her tiny chest. In just a few days’ time, she even won over the family’s harshest critic…her feline adopted sister Emma. The two became fast companions and in no time, this sweetest cat I have ever known, was ironclad locked into our hearts. And despite her absence now, she will never leave there.

I never met a gentler cat. She never once thought of biting or scratching anyone. And she had the biggest, brightest eyes I have ever seen.
Her favorite spots in life were in front of a window where she was amazed by the world around her. As a kitten, she became fascinated with a bunny that hung out in her back yard. It would come almost every night to our patio and the two would sit and stare for hours at one another.  This was not an aggressive situation. It was a friendly curiosity that seemed to bond the pair. This went on for a very long time. On the few evenings, the bunny didn’t show up, our little Josie would take us to the window and cry for us to bring out her friend.

Josie was the apple of her Mother’s eye. They were inseparable. If Stephanie was laying down, Josie was there beside her like a baby. She grew into a fine and beautiful adult cat. She brought joy to our family.

She became the supervisor every time the sheets were changed on a bed. It took twice as long to do with her “help,” but watching her play made the task infinitely more fun.

In 2011, she went to live with her Grandmother. We were moving out of town and could not take her with us. As a favor to us, her Grandmother promised to take care of her. Not knowing much about cats, it didn’t take long for my sweet Josie to teach her all she needed to know.  They became life-long best friends, spending many hours sitting together in a chair. At bedtime, Josie demanded {and got} her spot on the front of the bed next to her grandmother. When we left Josie with her Grandmother, we told this darling cat to take care of our mother. And she did.  They were constant companions. Each one loved and cared for the other. It was such a joy to see the genuine affection these two shared. Josie thrived under her Grandmother’s attention as she was brushed until her beautiful coat was as soft as silk. All of us should be as lucky to experience the pure love they have for one another.
In 2015, the family was rejoined under the same roof.  It has been a special time and I know it, like Josie herself, was truly a gift from God. Fifteen years were not enough time with Josie, but even a thousand years would never suffice. Though she has left us in body, Josie, our angel, will never leave our hearts. Despite the tremendous pain of her loss, I would not change the last 15 years of love for anything in this world.
Josie, we will love you and keep you in our thoughts and souls forever. To everyone else, my final word of advice, if you can find a space in your heart to rescue a cat, do so. They will rescue you back.