Loki Kreyling

In loving memory of my sweet little feather baby Loki.

He really lived up to his name with all of his little shenanigans. There was not a day that went by without him making me laugh. He loved to hang upside down like a little monkey. He always told me he was a pretty bird and reminded me several times every day that his name was Loki. He brought laughter to everyone that he ever met. He even stole someone’s mashed potatoes one day and made us laugh so hard the way he did it. His loss of life was so unexpected and sudden but he left me and my family with so many fantastic memories. His favorite thing was to whistle like Woody Woodpecker’s laugh. He would constantly call for my dog Bella and even whistle 3 times to call all of the dogs because that’s how he heard my husband call for them. We all love and miss you so much Loki. May you Rest In Peace sweet baby.