Marley Meador

Marley Meador wasn’t just a dog, she picked her owner and her owner didn’t pick her. Marley wasn’t just a dog, she was a saving grace. Her soul touched so many people. Her mom and family loved her and will always love her so much. Marley developed canine T cell lymphoma in early 2017 and she put up a very strong fight. She and her momma weren’t going to give up without a fight. They put up a huge fight. Marley had friends from all across the world. Marley was her family’s soul doggie. Never a dog, always family. Marley fought Lymphoma for eight hard months. She beat the odds when they were against her. Marley stuck around to make sure she was by her mommy’s side along with her brothers for her mommy’s wedding. Marley loved her step dad so very much and was so happy to have him as a daddy. Just because Marley’s vessel is gone, her spirit will live on forever. Her mommy will never stop fighting for a cure. Always in our hearts. Please follow Marley’s Journey on Facebook, this will be a fight that will always continue. Please continue with us in this fight for a cure against canine lymphoma. We want to extend our thanks to Virginia Tech Oncology and to the Salem Animal Hospital for all of their love and support.
– If love could have saved her she would have lived forever.

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