Merlin Cox

Also known as Mer-Dee-dos, Bee-boos, buh-buh, and Mer-dee-lynn, Merlin was born on April 13, 2014, he was the runt of his litter and crossed the rainbow bridge on August 22, 2019. Merlin was a Dorkie, half Yorkshire terrier and half Dashound. He is now my guardian angel. A tragic accident tore my Merlin from me. Merlin was extremely smart, calm, and sweet. He would bark when he met someone new, then be their best friend in five minutes.

You were my favorite hello, and my hardest goodbye. Letting go of you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. My heart is broken, and my soul is utterly shattered. I know you are in a castle made of whimzies and watching after me.
A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than they love themselves. You were my shadow, we did everything together. You followed me everywhere, the bathroom, the stores, car rides, you were my guardian. When you were with me I felt full and brave, even when I was scared. I was okay with you by my side.
I will miss your excitement when I came home from an hour or a week of being apart. You taught me what true selfless love was. The tail wags, your cute little quirks, the warmth of your body against mine every night when we slept. Your unjudging, listening ears. My protective guardian who alerted us to any sounds outside, welcome or unwelcome. Your cuddles and snuggles. When we first woke up in the mornings, the way you stretched across the bed and let your hide legs drag behind you. The way you got nervous if you had a mistake when you went potty inside. I can’t believe you are gone. I’d trade anything for one more day with you. The way you posed for the camera was wonderful. You knew your mommy was a photographer.
Every single person who met you or knew you wanted ownership. There were countless people who told me if I ever got tired of you, they would take you. Your love was infectious. You have left paw prints on my heart forever. I will never love anything in my life as much as I have loved you. The hole that is left in my heart is massive.
To those going through the same thing I am, here is a quote:
“Dogs’ lives are short, too short, but you know that going in. You know the pain is coming, you’re going to lose a dog, and there’s going to be great anguish, so you live fully in the moment with her, never fail to share her joy or delight in her innocence, because you can’t support the illusion that a dog can be your lifelong companion. There’s such beauty in the hard honesty of that, in accepting and giving love while always aware that it comes with an unbearable price.” – Dean Koontz