Miss Kitty Butt Benson

May 15, 2003- Aug 16, 2021

Miss Kitty Butt left this world today right before noon after a long life of 18 years and three months. The day I have dreaded is almost over. She lived with me and mine all but the first 4 weeks of her life, a rescue kitten that had been put in a plastic bag and thrown in a ditch of water. She was feisty, (sometimes downright mean) and always lived life on her terms. She was the epitome of “cattitude.”

She went out growling, hissing and howling as Dr. Foster sedated her. I have cried thousands of tears the past few days. I prayed for my Dad to come and get her as she passed peacefully in my arms. When Brittany and I left the clinic we got our sign he had her — amidst the misting rain and clouds, a patch of blue appeared. One of Daddy’s favorite sayings after bad weather was ready to clear out was, “Look a there! Just enough blue to make a cat a pair of pajamas!”

Ten Things I loved about Miss Kitty Butt
1. She was loyal. When I had my head injury in 2016 she slept on the footstool next to my feet and legs for nine months, since I could not lay down. She loved being beside me or near me.
2. She had the softest fur and a rumbly purr. She would reach her paw out for more attention. That fur will turn up around here for months. She was gorgeous with pearly gray long hair, a tannish underbelly, a brick-red nose and dreamy green eyes.
3. She used her fluffy belly like a furry Venus Fly Trap so she could scratch or bite the hand that could not resist touching her fluffy.
4. She loved human food in this order and recognized the association by the word pronounced “buurd:” Turkey Bird, Chicken Bird, Tuna Bird, Hammy Bird and Porky Bird. Her last two meals were Chicken Bird and Tuna Bird.
5. She loved my children. No matter how they treated her. Especially my son Zach, Julia, Brittany and Brian.
6. She evened the score when someone displeased her. She would lock eyes with you, pee on your stuff and she was especially adept at filling shoes.
7. She liked to have her neck scratched and would bow her head like she was praying and purr, purr, purr.
8. She never liked another animal but did tolerate Violet.
9. In her younger days, she would run from room to room and up the stairs earning her the nickname “Scamper Puss.” She seemed to enjoy her nicknames and would respond to them.
10. She may have been the best mouse-catcher and placer in Virginia. I had a ready supply of dead mice left in my shoes, by my bed and too often, a live one dropped on my sleeping personage.

RIP my beautiful feisty girl. Please wait for me and I will be along directly. I will love you always Miss Kitty❤️

Please make donations to the League of Animal Protection for all rescue animals that need homes! Miss Kitty was the best!
(The League of Animal Protection: PO Box 561 Fincastle, VA 24090)