Missy Weddle

Michael and Debbie Weddle asked me to write an obituary for Little Miss Missy for your site. Every parent thinks their child is special. It doesn’t matter if their child has two legs or four.
When it comes to Little Miss Missy, Michael and Debbie Weddle were right.
Missy was special in many ways.

Born on July 14, 2011, Missy came to live with the Weddles a few weeks later.
It was a relationship we truly believe was made in Heaven.
Everyone who met her left impressed that Missy was a sweet and friendly dog.
It was her special personality that led the Weddles to help make life better for animals throughout the region.
Mom Debbie started posting pictures of Missy on social media.
Debbie’s sense of humor combined with entertaining photos of Missy quickly captured the attention of thousands and thousands of people across the country.
Missy gathered followers faster than many human celebrities.
Thousands of people looked forward to getting a daily dose of Missy in their social media feeds.
Many special friends would send her cards, letters, and even outfits for her posts.
Missy had to be one of the best-dressed pups in history.
She was also one of the most loved.
Many people would have used the attention to make a profitable business for themselves, but a passion for animal welfare inspired the Weddles to use Missy’s image to raise money to help shelters and other rescue charities.
This went on for years as our sweet doggy friend posed for hilarious pictures to brighten people’s days.
Unfortunately in December of 2019, Missy was diagnosed with Histiocytic Sarcoma Cancer. It is a rare and aggressive cancer. Typically dogs that develop it, only live about two years after chemotherapy.
But with great love and excellent medical care, the Weddle’s little Warrior Queen bravely persevered.
She continued to brighten the lives of the Weddles and her internet followers until November 16th, 2022.
That is when the cancer came back and took this sweet spirit from us.
She crossed the Rainbow Bridge that day and left a permanent gap in our lives. Cancer took her from us, but nothing on this earth can ever separate the love she left behind from our hearts.
Her Mom and Dad and the rest of the family, both human and animal, miss her greatly, but we pray that they find comfort in her memory. I know that they would tell you in honor of Missy, to hug your pets and do something nice today for the animal kingdom. — Thom Brewer