Moo (Miss Moo) Geiser

2013 – 08/23/2022

Moo wandered my neighborhood for a while before finally adopting me. I had seen her and many times and I called for her to come to me but she wouldn’t. Finally in August 2017 as I was drinking coffee on the porch one Saturday morning, she sauntered up on the porch and sat right down next to me, chose me to be her human and never left.

Moo was a very independent cat, more so than even most cats are. She would sleep inside on her own terms and still loved the adventure of the great outdoors so she became an indoor/outdoor kitty. She would come running to my car when I got home in the afternoons and if I took too much time getting out, she would jump in and explore the vehicle a bit. I could always count on her for about 5 minutes of snuggle time per day…not much more than that. Her favorite thing was to jump up on me as I lay in my recliner and get as close as she could to my face. She would not stay long, but long enough to let me know I was her human and that she loved me.

Moo had quite a following on social media. I can’t count the number of people who would DM me to tell me how much they looked forward to Moo’s antics on Facebook and Instagram. She had an indoor heated window perch and an outdoor heated cat condo on the porch. She also determined she was only going to eat Purina ProPlan food (of course it had to be expensive). My co-worker told me, “she scoped your house out and thought she hit the lottery with you!” She was a diva and was totally worth every penny I ever spent on her.

On Tuesday, August 23rd, Moo had come in to eat dinner and then, as usual, wanted to go back outside to play and nap in her favorite spots. Maybe an hour later, my neighbor came over to tell me that he had seen Moo playing in his side yard and then noticed that she had laid down. He thought maybe she was sleeping but thought it strange that she was playing just a few minutes before that, so he went to check on her and found that she had passed. If she couldn’t have been with me, I was at least thankful that she was with a fellow animal lover and someone who knew and cared for her and thankful that she went quickly. She had no known health issues and my vet felt that it was probably a blood clot or something similar.

I pray that she knows how very much she was loved and cherished. Moo, every laugh you gave me was like a balm for my weary soul and you will be missed and remembered as long as I live. Fly high my girl! Daddy loves you!