Mousse Fisher

Mousse came into our lives while searching for a dog at Angels of Assisi in Roanoke. He was cowering in the corner of his kennel while all the other dogs barked seeking attention. He never responded to his given name Espresso, so he became Mousse due to his chocolate brown fur. As soon as he entered his “Furever” home, the shy and quiet dog we rescued changed to the protective fun loving dog we loved. Within the five years that he blessed our home he turned into a bone killing, towel stealing, treat loving cuddly dog. Bones were treated as if they were alive leading to a playfully viscous attack, sometimes lasting days, before he could eat them. Anytime there was a towel in sight he would claim it as his own to roll around on. He would tilt his head and wag his tail every time he heard his favorite words “ride” and “let’s go.” When the big brown delivery truck entered the driveway he would greet it with several loud barks. Out of all of these things, napping and cuddling became his favorite hobbies. There are so many memories he has left with us that we will never forget. He has certainly left paw prints on our hearts!