Muffin Heslep

Muffin Heslep has been an important part of our family since 2002.

She played a big role in my two sons’ lives. My youngest, Matthew, carried her around by the neck but she didn’t mind. Muffin loved to curl up with Nick, the oldest son, while he played his video games. She loved both the boys more than anything and was a good companion to them as they grew up. Me, she could tell when you were in pain or sick or just wanted to nuzzle. I guess that’s the standard nature of cats but she was different, she was special. We all have our own little quirks about us, that’s what makes us family. Muffin and I could understand each other and she was a perfect fit for our family. There is so much more that could be said from the heart but words can’t be found. Muffin you will be deeply missed.