Oreo Oakey

February 19, 2016

Oreo Oakey, 16 of Roanoke, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, February 19, 2016. She passed away in her living room, surrounded by family and friends gently telling her how much she was loved. Oreo was adopted at the age of one in April of 2000 from the League from Animal Protection in Fincastle, and quickly became the greatest dog her family had ever known. Her intelligence, loyalty, obedience, and playfulness all combined to create a perfect pet. While she loved the comfort of her home, she also enjoyed travelling. Oreo soon began hopping into the car of her pet parents every time they ventured out. She was a huge fan of walking the greenways around the valley, particularly enjoying the segment thru Garst Mill Park. There, Oreo made many friends, both human and canine. Oreo also loved going on hikes with the Oakeys, and hiked the entire Roaring Run trail less than a month before she died. In her younger days, Oreo enjoyed few things more than chasing squirrels up a tree, and was a fast and agile creature. At home, no dog, human, or delivery truck made their way past the Oakey home without Oreo sounding the alarm of her barks. She was truly all bark and no bite, but was better than any burglar alarm ever invented. Up until her last five days, Oreo had an insatiable appetite. Her mealtimes were pure bliss for her, and she would constantly beg for the carrots, green beans, and treats that were allowed under her special kidney diet. While having renal insufficiency for over three years, Oreo also had Kushing’s Disease. She succumbed to a tumor in her intestines and colon, which only caused symptoms in the last week of her life. Oreo bounced back from more health challenges than could ever be imagined, and her vet accurately described her as “stoic.” She had many cute and precocious habits, one of which was to carry a stuffed animal around in hopes that you would try to get it from her. Eventually, the game would end when her opponent would give up and give her a treat. Another way to win treats was to scratch to go onto the deck, run over to the far end of the deck to check for squirrels, and then run back inside for her reward. She was the second grade mascot of Sam Oakey IV’s class back in 2000, and won over the hearts of every friend, neighbor, and visitor to Oak Ridge Road. She loved to accompany the family on their weekly errands, and particularly enjoyed going into Medicap Pharmacy, Fink’s Jewelers, Wheeler’s Cleaners, and Oakey’s Funeral Service. She was preceded in death by her “sister,” Samantha Oakey, and is survived by her pet parents, Sammy Oakey, Mitzi Oakey, and Sam Oakey IV. Oreo was cremated, and her remains are back in the home that she loved so much. Special thanks go to Dr. Spangler at Angels of Assisi, Roanoke Animal Hospital, and Michelle and Marjene from Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home and Crematory.