Oreo Rhoades

Oreo was the sweetest and happiest little Shitzu that was a part of our family for 14 years. We remember him for being that sweet little dog that had so much personality. We cannot begin to describe that personality that he had….he was always in the know and wanting to be a part of everything. Since the day that we brought him home, he was loved by so many. Even his bigger brother “Shaggy” tolerated him and learned to love him. Shaggy raised him from day one when we got Oreo at 4 months old. He taught him how to tinkle like a boy dog and how to walk on a leash. It was Shaggy that taught our little Oreo how to be that special little fellow so many came to love. Oreo loved his toys as he had so many, probably more than any other dog on earth. His toy chest was so full of those little toys he loved and he would play with each and every one. If they were so he could not reach them in the toy chest, he would let us know!!! Oreo loved to travel with us…always on the go for 14 years…and over the last 7+ years..up and down the road to visit our kids at Va Beach. If we went somewhere that he could not go, he would always take that trip to the Grandparents whom he loved so much and they loved Oreo so much…….. Oreo was VERY SPECIAL to us, and brought sooo much joy and companionship to us each and every day. Oreo, our hearts hurt so bad with you not here, but we know you are no longer hurting…..you are in a special place with your brother Shaggy now….he will watch over you again in Heaven. You will be missed by all!!  

We love you so much. We will see you again one day…   Mom and Dad

Buddy and Robin Rhoades