Queen Ebony Louisa

Born October 25, 2007
Left us September 7, 2021
My Ebby
My Queen
My Diva Girl
My Couch potato and lover of food and snacks! Oh, how your ears perked up when you heard the word “snack.”
My hide and seek girl
You came to me in a Fazoli box and immediately stole my heart 💜
You were always so proud of a new toy as you pranced around carrying it to show it off.
My heart is broken and the house is so sad without you. I miss you prowling around at night, the clicking of your nails as you came up the steps getting in bed for a brief visit then back to the floor.
How I wish I could have kept you longer. 13 years, 316 days & 11 hours weren’t nearly enough. Momma loves and misses you so so much. Midnight and Lisey miss you too. We are all so sad and heartbroken without you. 
Nose rubs, hugs & kisses until we see you again.