Ralph Bravetail

February 17, 2004 to May 16, 2016
In Memoriam: Ralph Bravetail

When you were with Ralph it was like traveling with a celebrity. People gravitated to him just happy to be in his presence. He has been our teacher and loyal companion from February 17th, 2004 to May 16th, 2016. Many friends will miss him.
Out of many animals in one’s life there is usually one special one who touches you with the deepest bond. For us that was our Ralph: best friend, confidant, who gave us unconditional love, and saw us through so much. He brought joy to so many, young and old alike, just by being his loving, trusting, innocent, and jaunty self.
There were, oh so many, facets to Ralph: 29 pounds of courage treeing a 300 pound black bear when camping in New York; he could work the room at a concert; loved sitting in the middle of many a song circle, literally ran circles around the house, loved radishes, cheese, and clementines.
We’ll always remember the pleasure he took in exploring hiking trails and dog parks at home and across the country making new friends, be they two or four-legged. His gift was giving and accepting love. Our lives will never be the same without our little, furry mentor, the Grand Whizzer of Ralphghanistan where his furry flag is unfurled at half-staff.
“… On balance, the pain of loss doesn’t stand up to the years of joy a loved dog gives.” Your Dog (Tufts University. Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine), May 2016.
Judy Larson & Greg Trafidlo