Rufus Lansford

Rufus was a one-of-a-kind kitty with an attitude to match. We adopted him in July 2020 when he was 14 years old. We were forewarned that he did not get along with any cats and that he wasn’t friendly and had been returned twice before and was facing being put down if returned again. We knew we had to bring him home, there was no option and we were determined that with love and patience he would come around. We were not prepared for how much beefy love this 18lb kitty had. After a long 6 months, he would come out and socialize with the other kitties…at a distance of course. Soon he began to accept head cleanings from one of our other cats and started to play with his other adopted siblings. He started to feel comfortable and even started to let others (aside from my husband and myself) pet him.

We found out that a lot of his behavior was due to having a sensitive stomach with a few other medical problems that caused pain. Once those were being handled the real Rufus appeared. He loved his dad and waited every day at the door for his return home from work, always greeting him with head bumps and being very vocal. One interesting fact is that Rufus believed he was a dog and would in fact ruff at us.

Wherever we were (especially my husband), Rufus had to join. He slept in between my husband and me every night and even had his own pillow. He would wake me in the morning with cold-nose bumps on my hand as a cue for his breakfast and boy did he love to eat. He loved to be brushed and pampered. His favorite position was always on his back to receive belly rubs. He was so attached to his dad and followed him everywhere.

December 19th we noticed Rufus wasn’t meowing and vocalizing like normal. We took him to the vet and got antibiotics started. 10 days later he still was not himself and discovered a mass on his larynx. December 30th, two short days after a biopsy he let us know it was time for us to help him be at ease. With his mom and dad holding him and loving him, Rufus looked at his dad one last time and peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge.

We want to thank Old Dominion Veterinary Clinic for all the medical attention they gave to Rufus over the past 2.5 years. Although he tried to kill the staff on several occasions, I promise he was just telling you, thank you in a special way.

Rufus, our Great Sweet Potato, we love you buddy and wished we could have had more time with you. We appreciate the 2.5 years of love, trust and laughs you gave us.