Sassy Arnett

Sassy passed over the rainbow bridge on April 8th, 2019, she was 14 years old. She left behind her family (Ernie & Sandy) who are heartbroken, as she was our child. Sassy came into our lives when she was just 6 weeks old. She was a loving and faithful companion, full of personality, she always meets you at the door wagging her tail and very happy that we were home. Her favorite time of the day was going for a walk. She loved to spend as much time outside as she could get, talking to the birds and squirrels. She enjoyed playing with her toys and spending time with her family. Sassy always requested a treat when we would leave the house or before she would go to bed at night. For her entire life, she only had one groomer, Cathy Lynch/Catherine Pet Grooming who always treated her like one of her own, even when Sassy decided to be Sassy and had fluffy feet or extra hair on her head. She always managed to make her look her best and took excellent care of her. She had one of the best veterinarians, Dr. Karen Bowman/Creature Comforts Veterinary Services that she could have asked for. Sassy always like to talk to her and live up to her name. Karen took excellent care of her for 14 years. She did her best to get her through her final health problems the last week of her life. Karen took excellent care when she had to put her to sleep and out of pain. We had her cremated so her remains can always be with us. The folks at Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home were super nice to us and allowed us time to say goodbye and help us pick the urn with the engraving that we wanted. They are highly recommended.

Thank you,

Ernie & Sandy Arnett