Sissy Smoot

Sissy was born on 7/22/2004 and crossed the rainbow bridge on 1/21/2020. Her first few months weren’t very good but thanks to Angels of Assisi, she was exactly where she needed to be when her forever mom came in looking for a new furever friend. Sissy jumped right into her momma’s arms. She has had 15 years of continuous love from David and Tonya Smoot and the rest of the family. RJ, Shayna, Logan, and Jaxon spent a lot of time playing and loving our girl. Our Sissy girl will be truly missed and was loved.  She is now playing with Wolf, Prissy, Daisy, Precious, Wolfey, and Tator plus all her new friends. Thank you to everyone at Valley Animal Hospital for always giving Sissy the love, care and attention she deserved. Thank you to Oakey’s for the love and care you gave her, in her final journey.