Sophie James

July 1, 2003 to Sept 1, 2015

altSophie was a rescue kitty that we brought home when she was nearly 4 months old. She was so tiny and sweet. There wasn’t much of a frisky side to Sophie, except when she wanted to play with our older cat, Eliza. Eliza didn’t have a lot of patience for the youngster so it took them a long time to learn to live with one another. They eventually did, and played together now and then, but it was an on again/off again relationship.

However, with me, the relationship with Sophie was incredibly strong. From the moment we got her, she wanted to be with me. She slept with me every night of her life, unless the weather was just too warm for it. She would often wake me up, kneading on me and purring so heavily, she would choke and cough! It alarmed me at first, but she’d just keep doing it till I realized that’s just how she was. She was an incredibly sweet kitty, non-aggressive and loving. When she was cold, there was nothing better than cuddling up with Mama. Our bond was closer than any I’d ever had with another pet and I believe she felt it, as well.

Sophie was taken from us so suddenly. One day I had her checked out at the vet because she seemed to be eating less and spending more time than usual under the bed. At first, we were told she had a urinary tract infection but after nearly 2 weeks on antibiotics, she’d lost more weight and wasn’t improving. X-rays discovered 2 masses within her belly. The next x-ray showed another mass in her chest in the mediastinum. That x-ray told us that there was no surgical solution available to save her life.

An appointment was made to ease her suffering for the next day, Sept 1st, but poor Sophie couldn’t wait. That night, around midnight, she crawled out from under the bed and let us know it was time. We contacted Emergency Veterinary Services of Roanoke and drove her there immediately. At 1:10am on Sept 1st, 2015, Sophie was eased over the Rainbow Bridge by a wonderful vet named Dr. Seth Thomas. His staff, Angie and Sierra, was caring, understanding and so gentle with our little girl. They never hurried us and allowed us to have as much time as we needed to say goodbye.

Both my husband and I were devastated by the loss of Sophie – my husband, more than he expected. He loved Sophie because she loved me so much, but he realizes now, that she touched him more than he knew.

We want to thank Emergency Veterinary Services of Roanoke (Dr. Thomas, Sierra and Angie), Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home & Crematory (Sue and Kristiana) and Banfield Pet Hospital on Valley View (Dr. Houck, Dr. Edwards and all the staff) for taking such good care of Sophie in her final days. Thank you all for your generous hearts.

Sophie, you are my Littlebit. I love you with all my heart. You brought so much joy into our lives. You were my Sunshine and you made me happy for 13 years. Even so, it was not enough time. You will be incredibly missed by us and will never be forgotten.

Janea and Rick