(Willie) William Charles Ward / Shively

Willie you were truly the doggie in the window the first time I saw you.

One look and you were in my heart. I can’t forget the licks and kisses. You gave me walking through the mall with you upon my shoulder. Your first night you snuggled down in bed wrapped in my arms knowing you were home, and I knowing you were much more than the doggies in the window. For you stole my heart.

You were so much more than a dog, you were a child, full of love and an grew to be the King Charles Spaniel that was much more the little Sir Willie than I could ever be a man. You were the ruler of the house and would draw close when I was sick, hurt or having the laugh of our pretend game of catch the finger. 

You gave your love over and over unconditional to so many, you made so many smiles, feel your love that when I was with you, I didn’t exist to them only you. For the gifts you gave so many were thankful and know felt better just knowing you. The deepness and magic you shared can’t be explained.

You left me just like the night you came home, full of love and in my arms in bed. I know as broken as my heart is, your there and your love is seeing me through. Thank you for sharing your life with me and both the daddies that loved you, we only trust we gave to you a drop of the love you rained down up on us.

Willie, you will never be forgot or leave our heart, your gift of love and sharing will be forever with your daddies.


Teddie, Dennie & Colton (Your buddy forever)