Zeke Sengenberger

January 17, 2000 – August 14, 2015

Most of you have heard about my Zeke, but there’s a lot you don’t know about him. At his latest vet visit, the vet called him, “unique,” which is probably an understatement. Pete brought Zeke home weighing about a pound and a half. He was the cutest little fur ball and feisty from the start. He always loved water. I remember at about 4 months, Zeke jumped up on the washer, which was open and filling. He loved it — played and drank until I took him out. He was known to “drown” his pet mice in the toilet, right up until about 6 months ago. Zeke didn’t drink like a normal cat most of the time. He cupped his paw and drank paw fuels. He also would turn on the faucets in the sinks to get a drink. Unfortunately, he never turned them off. Paper was another fascinating thing for him, I blame that on Pete. Pete would have Zeke in his lap and try to read the paper. Well, Zeke would just play and shred the paper. Each night before bed, we would have to “clear the decks,” — remove anything paper from tables. Oh my goodness, we would get up in the morning and Zeke would have toilet paper stretched out to the living room. Of course eating bits of it too. We had to leave it off the dispensers.

Then of course there’s the feisty side of Zeke. He has been known to attack a few people. He cornered Lisa in the recliner one day when she came to pick up Cara. We weren’t home and I guess he didn’t like Lisa sitting in Dad’s chair. This is where Zeke got his nickname, “Zeke The Freak.” Oh he had so many nicknames, from “Beast” to “Guard” cat. Not to mention, my many names which are too many to list. Dad, Grandpa, used to call him, “That Darn Cat.” These things that he did, he did all his life. It was his way and he was everywhere.

Zeke was my cat mostly. When I would brush my teeth, he would be sitting on the counter assisting and playing in the water. Trying to read the paper was impossible as he would be on my lap reaching for it. When I was using the computer, he would be up on the desk. When he was no longer able to jump up on the desk, he would lay on the floor with his head resting on my foot.

Some may be wondering why I am writing this. Well, Zeke passed away in my arms on Friday. He is sorely missed. There are some of you who will say, “He’s just a pet.” Well, I beg to differ. How can you have a kitty around from age 5 1/2 weeks old to over 15 1/2 years old and not think of him as family? It can’t be done, at least in my heart. I know people are wondering if we will get another kitty. Just stop and think what you’ve just read, and you’ve only heard part of the story! There will never be another cat like Zeke.

Thank you for listening to me.

You are missed so much my Zekey.

Pete & Angie Sengenberger