Zoie Belle (Catbird) Bush

Zoie Belle (Catbird) Bush, 18 years old, crossed over the rainbow bridge on August 3, 2022. She had developed advanced stages of kidney disease and suffered a stroke that led to sudden blindness all within a short period of time. Catbird was born on September 23, 2004. She became a part of our lives at a young age of only 4 weeks old. She was strictly an indoor cat only.

She saw us at our best and at our worst. She was always there for us when any of us were sick, hurt or just needed something to love on. She would even nudge us to show love or for attention.

Catbird always loved to cackle at the birds in the window, hence how she became to be known as “Catbird.” Her cat calls in the middle of the night were like a dog howling at the moon. She could also at times be heard snoring so loudly that she could win a snoring competition with her dad.

Until she suffered a stroke and went blind, she never let her old age slow her down as she continued to jump, pounce and play. She would even let her dog brothers know who the boss was.

Catbird also loved her tempting treats before bedtime, her wet food and also loved getting fed human food.

She will be missed dearly by all of us who loved her and watched her grow. She leaves behind her human family, her sister cat, Sammy and two dog brothers, Charlie and Hank.

We’d like to thank her doctor and the staff at Roanoke Animal Hospital for making her comfortable and for their kindness and caring.

We love you Catbird. You are now in heaven. Rest easy baby.


Mama, Dad, Zach, Makaila and Hudson