Captain James Burroughs

Captain James was born on June 22, 2014. He crossed over the rainbow bridge after a courageous battle with cancer on September 20, 2022.

Captain loved to go to the beach, where he would choose a rock and carry it with him all day, he loved to counter surf and ate many things he shouldn’t have. He loved his bones and could de-stuff a toy in record time. He also loved sleeping under the covers.

He was loved by all and was a gentle soul. He protected his dog sister, Mia from the day she arrived — he never wanted to leave her side. He followed his new human sister, Olivia everywhere to make sure no one was hurting her if she cried, and to collect every crumb she dropped.

Captain leaves all of us with many memories of laughter, love and heartbreak. He was a good boy and a trooper to the end.

A special thanks to the Doctors and staff at Animal Cancer Care and Research Center for taking care of Captain and showing amazing kindness and compassion to all of Captain’s family. You guys are the best and we will never forget it.