Gracie Minton

On August 19, 2021, you made your way to life everlasting at the age of 16 years old where you will enjoy unlimited kitty treats and outside playing.

Our journey in finding each other is very special. It was 6 months since the passing of your sister, Tessie. I was feeling a deep yearning for another furry family member. I started calling the different animal shelters, looking for a long-haired kitten. There was no success until the SPCA referred me to Angels of Assisi. I called and was so excited to hear they had a kitten with long hair, but they told me she was very tiny and being hand-fed. She was found in a dumpster during Katrina.

When I saw you, I was love-struck! You fit in the palm of my hand with a tail longer than you were. The saying “dynamite comes in small packages” is very true. You were a survivor and fighter. Many times I would remember your story to get through difficult times.

Some of my fondest memories of you are:
1) A very deep growl as a tiny thing if you thought someone was taking your toy.
2) You coming nose to nose with a deer in the backyard. Brave little thing!
3) Your yummy purring when being held and kissed.
4) You peeking around the corner showing half your face if you thought a bad choice had been made. 😊
5) Our nightly, goodnight ritual of rubbing and scratching while listening to meditation music.

Thank you for being a part of my life. My heart is hurting, but we will be together soon 👼

All of my love…Momma