Kaiyako Tilley Blake

Kaiyako was born in 2009. She was found by some folks who worked at the Alleghany Humane Society; tied up in a Walmart sack thrown out of a car across the street from the shelter.

She was about 5 weeks old. She was full of parasites and they did wonder if she would make it.

I was driving back to Roanoke from a scenic drive near the shelter. I stopped by just to say hi to the kitties which I often do. I saw this tiny little beautiful Tortie staring up at me, meowing her little head off. I couldn’t leave her. She came home with me that day and we’ve been together ever since.

She was a fussy little lady from the time I got her. And she remained that way almost up until she passed. This loving, sweet baby will be sorely missed.

Scott and Kristie Blake