Lane Stadium McBryde Tucker

Lane Stadium McBryde Tucker (“Laney”) passed away suddenly on July 6, 2021, in her home. Laney was a constant source of support and joy for everyone she came into contact with, but especially so for her mama, Jill. Laney never met an enemy, she loved everyone she met and wanted every person and every cat to be her friend. She loved attention, spending time in the hall closet, her catnip toy “hat,” and turkey, sprinting up and down the steps, but, most of all, her mama. Her hobbies also included running to her mama every morning when she got out of bed and pulling people’s hands towards her head with her paw to receive pets. Laney’s life was tragically short, being only 5 years old when she passed, but the time that she and her mama did have together was truly life-changing.

Your mama loves and misses you so much Laney, and you will never ever be forgotten. Until we meet again.