Lexi Overstreet

Lexi, our baby girl, you will be missed every day! You were our best friend and protector. Watching you grow into the beautiful ol’ gal you became over the years was an amazing journey that will stay with us for a lifetime! Daddy is going to miss the way you wagged your nub when he said, “Daddy’s Doberman.” Mommy is going to miss the one-on-one cuddle time in bed. Little brother, Chase, is going to miss you sitting and laying down. Big sissy, Kadence, is going to miss coming over and playing babies with you. Your brother and two sisters ( Trike, Callie, and Maggie) will miss you being the boss of the Overstreet pack. We even think the cats will miss you barking and chasing them.

We love you so much Lexi Betsy.

-Daddy, Mommy, Kadence, and Chase