M and CJ Nichols

Born June 11, 2004, M was reunited with his brother CJ on Thanksgiving Nov 25, 2021, in heaven. CJ died in Sept 2020. They were together for 16 years and M graced us with his love, sweet purring, and affection for 14 months longer thank CJ. From a litter of five kittens, only one remains, Arnold the Snowbird Cat, who flys to Florida in the winters from upstate NY. M and CJ also leave behind their dog brother, Benny, and are now with the other pups who were waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, Jazz, Racey, Nemo, and Pink. Many thanks to Erin Welch and Andrea Wilson who cared for these boys when their family was away and to the lovely folks at Oakey’s for being here to help at the end.