Moses Taylor


Moses left us on August 23, 2018 after nearly 14 years on this earth. This is a story of a dog that had two lives.

Moses led an amazing life which started with being adopted from a nice family in Radford VA. Moses was 3 months and 31 lbs. of pure excitement and energy.

Moses’ early years involved running and playing. Moses had a running spirit and spent a lot of his early life figuring out ways to break out and go for a run. If you left the backyard gate open, Moses was going for a run. He enjoyed chasing rabbits and the occasional deer. He also enjoyed the game of the family chasing him down the road. I still remember the sound of Moses using his paw to open the front door and jet out down the road for a run. I remember one chilly October night when Moses thought he would chase what he thought was a black cat with a stripe only to find out it was a skunk. Afterwards, Moses enjoyed an outdoor bath to cleanse the new smell.

For exercise, Moses would go walking while my son rode his skateboard. Moses would pull Jordan up the hill to build his leg muscles. I will never forget the sight of Moses pulling Jordan down the hill while riding the skateboard. Moses was in full stride with his ears pinned back and both boys were flying down the road.

Moses demonstrated compassion and understanding for what you needed. Soon after becoming part of our family, our Angel passed away. Angel was a 10 year old cocker spaniel. After her death, Moses while we mourned brought her favorite bone and dropped it in her casket. Later when our family grew with Charlie and Hiro, Moses accepted his new brothers and shared his bed, space, and family while accepting his new companions.

In February of 2015, Moses fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer. We took Moses to multiple vets and they recommended that we euthanize him due to this illness. We had come to the conclusion that we did not want our boy to suffer. Then a miracle snowstorm blizzard snowed the family in the house and the vet out. During this time, we fed Moses chicken and rice. This allowed for Moses to start the healing process. I remember watching him re-gain strength and appear to be back to normal as if nothing ever happened. We were able to find a vet that specialized in special cases. Dr. Bowman explained that Moses had a tumor burst and that his body was able to heal itself. Moses continued his special diet of chicken and rice twice a day with two medications to slow the growth of the tumors. We would like to offer a special thank you to Dr. Bowman for her wisdom and kindness in helping Moses have more time with his family.

Over the next three years, Moses suffered two more bleeders which sapped all his strength and appeared to be the end. Moses was able to overcome these setbacks with the help of rest and eating cooked liver. After 2-3 days, Moses appeared as if nothing had happened. Moses enjoyed spending time in his backyard with his two brothers Charlie and Hiro. His favorite times of year were spring and fall when his family would spend the entire Saturday outside doing yard work. He spent most of his nights sleeping on Jordan’s bed or in someone’s bedroom. He enjoyed the last lick of the empty peanut butter jar and the rawhide bones his Nana would provide on Bone Monday. He also enjoyed his nightly walks with his brothers through the neighborhood.

Moses always greeted you when you came home or just when you walked across the house.  He always showed a kind and caring look and you could see the love in his eyes when he looked at you.

Moses demonstrated loyalty and love in everyday of his life. He developed a special bond with each and everyone in our house as he seemed to always be with you, as he was never far away. We will truly miss you, Moses, as you touched everyone with your gentleness and love.

Love your family.