Ice Gordon-Keith

Ice was only 3 months old when we got him, so you can imagine the bond. He lived a little over 15 years. And so you can imagine the pain when we lost him. Ice was an adorable Maltese, so funny and smart. He was very playful and loved having fun. He knew a lot of commands like sit, fetch, drop, lay, wait, etc. He would also give you high five for a treat, and of course he use to love to eat.He would eat all day if he could. He also was a great little watch dog, little but bold. Very spoiled, and such a joy and blessing from God. He loved us so much and didn’t want us out of his sight. And we loved him as well, he was family.I thank God for that precious gift he had given us, and the joy and love our pet fulfilled our lives with. Our precious little pet Ice, you would be missed, loved and never forgotten. You may had moved on and crossed over that rainbow bridge but you will always live in our hearts forever. Love you Ice, you was such a blessing and precious gift from God above.