Precious Ann Marie Lansford

Precious Ann Marie was the queen of her castle well into the ripe “young” age of 19. Always prim and proper with her majestic pantaloons looking fabulous as well as her great kitty soft paws always crossed like a true lady. Precious was my sweet girl of almost 15 years. She has been through so much with me and my family. Little did I know this long-haired, diluted tortie would bring so much love, compassion, comfort, and laughs into my life. Precious, although very much independent, loved people and demanded attention on her terms.

She moved from El Centro, CA to San Diego, CA, then to Bloomington, IL for duty station changes and departure from the military. After my mother moved in with me to take care of the grandbabies, Precious spent every day and night at my mother’s side when she lived with me. Whether it was in her lap while mom played solitaire or on her chest, Precious was there even when my mother got very sick. Precious laid on her chest and refused to leave her side. After leaving the military, Precious and her brother Reagan moved yet again to Virginia. Once here she gained more fur siblings. Although she was not amused with the additions, the queen kept her composure and let them all know who was the boss. She would often get the zoomies late at night and would get ALL of her stuffed toys out of her tiny cardboard box. After she made a mess, she would then proceed to try to curl up into the tiny box because well, it’s a box… not the $60-dollar orthopedic bed mom bought for her, it was not good enough for the queen (seriously the funniest thing ever).

Precious was not just an animal or a pet. This beautiful, fluffy princess was family. She was like a child to me in many ways. She made us laugh when she would smack my leg with her grinchy feet (excessively long-toe hair, people) when I stepped on “her” rug that was in front of the kitchen sink. She refused to move, well because she was a queen of course and we were her servants. Empty boxes, cubby holes and laps were among her favorite spots. She was always at our sides no matter what. She loved to bask in the sun as well as climb on top of you and get as close to your face as possible. Lord help you if you were doing homework because she would continuously touch your face with her kitty soft paws until you gave her the pets she demanded. I cannot tell you how many times I have been woken up with a paw shoved in my mouth as a cue of “get up and feed me, peasant.” She slept on or right next to me, always having to have some part of her body touching my skin. Lord knows I am missing that as well as the tumbleweeds of her glorious hair everywhere.

Although she was demanding, she was the most loving sweet cat I could have ever been gifted. Her love of shoe shining as well as falling asleep with her whole face shoved in a shoe is one of a kind. I miss my beautiful cat, something fierce and not having her here at my side is devastating. She struggled with hyperthyroidism and osteoarthritis the last little bit of her life, only finding out she had a mass developing in her lungs, I made the final call. I helped my sweet fluffy pantaloons cross the rainbow bridge and in true fashion she had her head held high, fluffy paws crossed and waited like a lady. She passed away with her momma holding her tightly telling her how much she loved her.

I want to say a huge thank you to Old Dominion Veterinary Clinic for taking amazing care of all my fur babies, especially Miss Precious always showing patience and kindness even when Precious would swat and hiss (sorry Dr. Downs). With the arthritis shots and medicine for thyroids, I was given a few extra months to snuggle her. Thank you to my sister Angie for being there for her fur niece. Whether it was to trim her pantaloons and shine your shoes I know Precious loved you.

Miss Precious Ann Marie, you are so loved and so missed. I am excited for the day I get to see you again, I know you will be waiting for my lap… and thumbs to open cans of food.