Midnight Sassyfrass

Born October 25, 2007
Left us April 13, 2022
My little Midnight
AKA – Moonnight
My furorcious chicken
The “destroyer”
The house is so empty without you. Right from the beginning, you were the sassy, bossy, in-charge one. The runt of the litter in that Fazoli box. You looked so sad and innocent so you too won my heart and I brought you home along with your sissy Ebony.  Such a tomboy, you loved to play ball, romp in the snow and escape from your playpen, run to the cow pasture and roll, then come home, oh so fragrant.
When I brought Lisey home 2 years later, you were not happy. Your jealousy was well known by everyone but you two finally learned to love one another. Lisey is still guarding her snacks waiting on you to round the corner.
I miss carrying you to the couch or to the bed to be with us but I know that you can now see and hear again and are reunited with Ebby, probably playing with your favorite yellow squeaky football again or destroying all kinds of stuffed squeaky toys like you used to do.
I wish you could have stayed with us longer. 14 years, 169 days & 16 hours were not enough. Until we are together again lots of hugs, love, and kisses. I love and miss you so much. Lisey bug does too.