Piper Levasseur

Piper was born November 28, 2012 and passed away unexpectedly at home on the evening of July 9, 2023 in the presence of her human family and her son Lucky.

Piper was one of over 50 dogs that were the victims of a backyard breeder from Mississippi who, evidence showed, neglected their health and wellbeing, as over 30 of these dogs, including Piper had heartworms, many were missing their front teeth (including Piper) from attempting to gnaw their ways out of their cages, and all of these dogs and had never been properly socialized. Many were severely matted. These dogs lived outside in dirty conditions. The owner passed away in March of 2018, leaving Hub City/Marion County Human Society in Mississippi with no alternative but to rescue these dogs with the help of several rescue groups. One of these animal rescue groups was All Good Dogs, based out of Texas, which took in several of these dogs including Piper, who was very pregnant at that time, but no one knew as she was underweight.

This is when her life journey took a remarkable turn for the better. Piper was left with a foster mom, Ariel in Louisiana, and this is where she had her 6 puppies (2 girls and four boys) that were born on May 7, 2018, one of whom was a boy named Lucky. Lucky was adopted by Cindy and Paul Levasseur from Roanoke, Virginia and arrived at his forever home in July 2018 when he was almost 3 months old. This was made possible after Cindy reached out to a good friend Wanda who volunteered for a rescue transport group, where it was shared that the Levasseur Family was looking to add a large breed dog to their family. Knowing how many dogs are at risk for euthanasia at animal shelters, the Levasseur’s wanted to adopt. This good friend connected Cindy to the H2M2 Pet Transport group, and then to All Good Dogs Northern Breeds Rescue Group.

Wanting to keep the mother and son together, Paul and Cindy decided to also adopt Piper a few months later. Piper arrived in Roanoke to her forever family on October 27, 2018, to be forever reunited with her son Lucky. The positive change seen in this girl during the second half of her life after she had experienced so much trauma in the first 5 years of her life was nothing short of remarkable. All made possible with lot’s of love from the people in her life.

Piper leaves behind her devastated family-human mom Cindy Levasseur, human dad Paul Levasseur, Michael Levasseur, Ashley Nader, and Anthony Nader, her fur pal Ziva, special friends Wanda, Ariel, Terri, Mishka, Anita, Frank, Cathy, Mo, Mary Lynn, her wonderful vet Dr, McCoy, and her beloved puppies from her very last litter-Lucky, Loki, Beaux, Kahlua, Biggie and Pumpkin. She was predeceased by another special fur pal named Holly.

In her memory, please consider a donation to H2M2 volunteer pet transport or The Good Sams program at Cave Spring Veterinary Clinic in Roanoke which helps individuals pay for services they may not be able to afford otherwise.

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