Bret Smith

Bret was born on 30 April, 2002. His first mother put him up for adoption at age 4 due to her going into an elderly retirement home. I saw his picture and was hooked. I adopted him in 2006 to be a companion to my then 10 yr. old mini-schnauzer. Bret definitely had personality. Upon his arrival, he became “the head of the household.” He was a very smart, playful and loyal dog. Upon the demise of his adopted brother, he became more mature and protective of his mom. He went everywhere, to the beach; to GA to see relatives, etc.  If I got my keys, he was at the door and always by my side. Sadly, he passed away on May 22, 2018, in my arms. He was loved and will be forever in my heart. RIP dear one until we meet again.