Cole Bower

Cole, our Little man, who gave me one of the greatest joys of my life in allowing me to accompany him through his, passed away on March 29, 2023. Cole was born in our house with beautiful midnight black fur and just a hint of a little tuft of a white bowtie on his chest. He was a wonderful, playful boy, always ready to play “paper chase under the door” or “box pounce” or some other kitty-cat game with us. He used to love to crawl all over my desk and lick your hand when you were down. He would let me know it was time to eat (insist that it was lol) or that he needed something by jumping on the desk and tapping my shoulder with his little paw… and then if that didn’t get your attention he would put 2 paws on and quietly stand/lean on your back… My best buddy… We love you Cole, and we miss you so much, Little man. I truly hope I can see you again one day.